Type of show: juggling, magic, circus

Suitable for all audiences


He is an elegant clown, an unpredictable illusionist, a disheveled juggler, and an escapist nut.

She is an enthusiastic hostess, an outgoing juggler, and a bold hula hooper.

Starring these two charismatic and opposite characters, romantically united by the circus, “Barrilete Violetta Juggling Show” merges skills, humor and mystery into a dynamic and energetic show, in which the public is an active participant.

An exciting fusion of juggling, comedy and magic


Minimum performance aerea: 4 x 4 meters

Sound requirements: amplification system with bluethoot

Lighting: in case of night performance, the necessary lighting for the stage and audience must be guaranteed by the organizer

The audience could be arranged in a circle, semi-circle or at the front

Set up: 20' (artist's preparation and make up)

Set down: 10'

Duration of the show: 30'

Involve spoken language: minimal (Italian, Spanish, French, English)

Violetta Ravotto, from Italy, and Emanuel Ferreyra, from Argentina, both circus artists, have worked together since 2014 integrating the companies of various traditional circus in South America and Mexico and performing the show "Excentrico Barrilete One Man Show" in theatres, cultural centres, schools, streets and festivals in Europe, South America, Marocco and Turkey.

"Barrilete Violetta Juggling Show" is a dynamic street show which made its debut in the summer of 2018.